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Article: What Is This?

The war journal volume one, what is this, a breakdown of what Everything Is War is all about

What Is This?

If you’re here, the question of what exactly this is about has probably cropped up in your mind. Your probably thinking, “everything isn’t war, what does that even mean?” And I get it, It sounds like either an overly intense summary, or a doom and gloom outlook that doesn’t offer a solution. So, if you’re here scratching your head, or not really sure what the point is, let me clear it up.

Simply put, everything, is, conflict, struggle, offense and defense…Think about it for a minute. Was it a struggle to get out of the bed this morning? To attend to the needs of the day? Prep those meals for your kids, force yourself to work out, NOT give your boss a piece of your mind, deal with the weight of expectations, find a way to make ends meet, find time to read a book, deal with aging and the creaks, pops, and pains that come with it. I could go on, but I think you may be starting to get the idea.

Whether you are cultivating character, dealing with other people, trying to improve your physical well being, dealing with the stress of just existing these days, caring for the people you love, or just trying to not road rage. Everything, contains an element of struggle…an element of internal or external conflict… an element, of warfare.

I know, it sounds extreme, as if surely it’s not “war”…right? it's not "life or death"? I would counter that in fact it’s not extreme at all to think of it this way. But, we’re very much numb to this reality these days…”that’s just life…” “it is what it is…”, the cop outs have been around for as long as the war has. We don’t see it,  we don’t think about it that way, because we don’t want to. Because acknowledging that there are internal and external forces working against your better self, the best outcome, and the existence you want to experience, would mean your life, your day to day, is of consequence, it matters, and that you are responsible for victory, as much as defeat, each day...

“Okay so, everything is a struggle, no kidding, thanks captain obvious” Is the statement probably popping up now. I don’t blame you, no-one really needs to be reminded that life is hard. But what if I told you that the point isn’t just to acknowledge the struggle, it’s to meet it head on. “Well yeah, I mean, I can’t exactly escape my bills man…or my job, or my crazy in-laws…I have to face it every day” No no, I don’t mean “just deal with it” I mean, plan, strategize, advance, overcome, make WAR on the things in your life that are suppressing it, choking it, poisoning it, killing you slowly.

What I mean is, once you look at your life as warfare, you quickly realize that to survive it you need a plan, you need consolidated will power, you need focus, like minded friends, and a will to overcome the things in front of you and the distractions around you. If you treat everything like it’s war, you quickly begin to prioritize things differently, you begin to see things as assets or liabilities, you begin to think like someone who’s goal isn’t just to exist, it’s to live, and the only way to do that fully, is to conquer the things that make living, war.

So, Everything Is War, you’re either fighting yourself, your impulses, urges, inconsistencies, or shortcomings. Or you’re warring against those same facets in other people and the world around you. Every. Single. Day.

This is the mentality behind Everything Is War. We recognize that all of life is some form of struggle, and that in order to get through it, your mindset, and plan of action has to be meticulous, intentional, and resolute. 

Are you ready?


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