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If you're here, first off we wanted to say thank you for placing an order with us! But of course, you're probably here because you're wondering where your item is, or when you can expect it to ship! Please review below to see if your question can be addressed here, and if not, feel free to email us at

Where is my order?
-Our goal is to get orders processed and headed to you within 2-3 business days of receiving your order. That's Monday-Friday, so if you place an order on Friday, it won't ship until Monday at the earliest. If it's a physical product, once it's shipped you'll receive tracking info in the inbox of whatever email address you provided at checkout! be sure to check your spam/junk inbox if you don't see it immediately upon searching.

The tracking hasn't updated?
-When we pack and label your order, the tracking number becomes live in the carriers system. However, that system won't update with progression info until a new scan of the shipping bar code occurs in their process. For example, if we give them a package at 12pm on monday, and they place it in their outbound mail after that days mail has already been scanned, it won't get scanned until the following day. Or if they scan the mail out as it's leaving, and it spends the next two days in the back of a shipping truck on it's way to you, you won't see an update until the whole truck arrives and is offloaded. But don't worry! it's still on the way!

Why is the carrier charging me a fee to deliver? (international)
-Some countries have regulatory fees associated with certain types of incoming mail from other countries. Duties/import tax/fees are something we can't control, predict, and will never charge you for. However, if you place an order for a product as an international customer, you'll likely have to deal with your country's fees to receive the item. By placing an order as an international customer, you assume the responsibility of paying the fee your country charges for you to receive the item.